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Dealing with Martha is

Dealing with Martha is a pleasure, honest, I own the most beautiful Shellie from Martha , he is sweet loyal and a show stopper, so many people stop me to say hiw beautiful Jesse is, and dues he know it too,lol, can’t go wrong here beautiful dogs. Fondly sandy domineau and scott

Sandra and Scott domineau

Mary Elizabeth Jackson

I bought my Sheltie, Larky, from Martha in 2009. He is the best dog ever! Love him!

Mary Elizabeth Jackson

Martha is a wonderful breeder

Martha is a wonderful breeder and a great human being. She is very particular about her dogs and makes certain each is going to a good home and both are a good fit for each other! she is not in it for te profit as she will not sell a dog to someone she does not feel would be a good owner for her Shelties.

Warren Williams

Warren Williams

I purchased my beautiful,Shellie

I purchased my beautiful,Shellie Jesse from Martha, I don’t know who I love more the dog or Martha, they both have beautiful hearts, my Jesse is the a beautiful sweet animal,thanks Martha

Sandy dom

Mary Lund

Adopted an elderly male from Martha. He is beautiful and well cared for. Martha shows true compassion for all of her dogs. It was a joy to meet her and all of her well socialized and healthy dogs.

Mary Lund

Thank you for my gorgeous

Thank you for my gorgeous sheltie. He is a showstopper, gets compliments from everyone and has such a sweet disposition. He was a real star at agility training school. I am over the moon with this sweet dog. And I feel good knowing that he is typical of all the beautiful animals Martha breeds.

SANDRA Domineau

Carol Tonsing

My cousin bought a gorgeous blue Merle Sheltie from Martha. The dog has a wonderful sweet disposition. She cares deeply for her dogs, does not run a puppy mill by any means.

Carol Tonsing
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