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Blue Merle Female Puppy (SOLD)
Beautiful Blue Merle Female Puppy for Sale DOB: 1/05/19
Tri Male (SOLD)
Sam is 2 yrs. Old DOB: 2/23/17
Female Blue (SOLD)
Female Blue Puppy (SOLD) DOB 01-05-19
Tri Male (SOLD)
Tri Male Puppy DOB 01-05-19
Tri Female (SOLD)
Tri 2nd Female Puppy DOB 12-21-18
Blue Female (SOLD)
Blue Female Puppy DOB 12-21-18
Tri Female (SOLD)
Tri Female Puppy DOB 12-21-18
Blue Female (SOLD)
Female Blue Puppy DOB 01-05-19

I bought my Sheltie, Larky, from Martha in 2009. He is the best dog ever! Love him!

Mary Elizabeth Jackson

Adopted an elderly male from Martha. He is beautiful and well cared for. Martha shows true compassion for all of her dogs. It was a joy to meet her and all of her well socialized and healthy dogs.

Mary Lund

My cousin bought a gorgeous blue Merle Sheltie from Martha. The dog has a wonderful sweet disposition. She cares deeply for her dogs, does not run a puppy mill by any means.

Carol Tonsing


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